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Six Degrees of Segregation

May 18, 2021

Tracing one's ancestry as a Black person in America can often be a short endeavor. But for Latise Hairston, she was able to go all the way back to West Africa. As a member of one of the largest families in America, the Hairston "property" ledger connected some dots and did the rest (#NotAnAd). 

From a Ghanaian name giving ceremony to family ties rooted in slavery, and a bout with COVID-19 to workplace and police discrimination, Latise covers it all in our hour together. 
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For more coverage on the Hairston Family:
The book is the story of the large Hairston family, whose ancestors included both slaveowners and enslaved people, incorporating the experiences of both.
CBS News (1999)
C-Span (1999)
60 Minutes (1999)
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