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Six Degrees of Segregation

Jun 23, 2021

In this week’s episode we’re talking with Cincinnati mover and shaker, Tamia Stinson. (If you chime in on Instagram @SixDegreesofSegregation, give her a shout because she just got married! Congrats and best wishes!)

Tamia is a Marketing Strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs build stylish brands through her company, The Style Sample. Often called upon as a producer and influencer for marketing and branding campaigns, Stinson has worked with small businesses, non-profits, and multinational brands on a diverse portfolio of projects.                                                                                                                                  

In 2017, she won a $100,000 Haile Fellowship Grant to create Tether, a network of creative image-makers. And in 2021, was awarded a grant for Main Street Ventures to make upgrades to and continue its mission.She also sits on the board of several organizations, is a frequent collaborator on creative and civic projects, and has long held the title of Slumber Party Dance-off Champion. – which for some wild reason we did NOT get to during our talk. Tamia I need a follow up!

What we did get to though, covers off on finding yourself and who and where you are the most you. How fashion is a tool for self expression. The expectations to look and act a certain way – esp as a black woman. And again – this was recorded in Aug 2020, we talked about Juneteenth, critical race theory and many other topics that could have easily been recorded today…


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